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When you're looking to augment your sound with the tone-shaping capabilities of some of the world's most well-loved speaker cabinets, then the BIGBox series is for you. Using an uncompromising signal chain, we've set out to capture the magic of giant wooden boxes, with strategically placed holes, stuffed with insanely loud cone-shaped bits of mayhem, and glued together with the blood, sweat and tears of three generations of rock gods, grunts, and goram contenders... or something to that effect.
  • Cabs sampled with 14 industry-standard microphones, each with their own special sound
  • Up to 8 mic positions to dial in the right tone for your amp
  • 9 different mic distances for different amounts of proximity effect, cabinet and room sound
  • Minimum of 550 IRs per cabinet* so you'll find the perfect match for your sound
  • Edited for better phase coherence allowing you to more easily mix multiple IRs
  • Clean, uncompromising signal chain that won't add undesirable color to your sound
  • Cabs powered w/ Bryston 4B, known for flat freq. response, ample power and low distortion
  • Recorded with Prism Sound Orpheus converters for top quality AD/DA conversion
  • Sampled with a Neve 1073 and a pair of 1084s, highly regarded preamps for recording guitar
  • Compatible with a wide range of recording software and convolution plug-ins (see Compatible Software) including Axe-Fx I & II ready sysex files
* Take a look at the speaker's IR Matrix for a listing of captured impulse responses. Check out BIGBox Series under Products for the full scoop on the speakers, mics, and mic positions.

$125.00 for the complete set + mixIR2 convolution plug-in

Or, purchase the cabs ONE by ONE... Check out the BIGBox Series page for a full description of our repeat customer reward system.

Just a friendly reminder, if you buy the complete BIGBox set, we'll include our super-fabulous mixIR2 convolution plug-in at no extra charge. Because you'll need a convolution plug-in to use all those snazzy new IRs. A link will automagically appear on your My Stuff page when you've completed the set.

Looking for some help getting started? Or, just need a little inspiration? Check out top mixIR recipes submitted and ranked by RedWirez users. Check out the full listing in our Top Tones section. Tap into the buzz.

Top Tones
 Mix Name  Genre  Cabs Fmt* Rating
1.  VoxAC30Blues Mix1  Rock  VoxAC30Blues  M 10.31 rate it!
2.  Soldano 4x12  Rock
 m2 10.2 rate it!
3.  Recto Cab 57-121  Rock  CelestionV30-ImpCurve-100
 m2 10.06 rate it!
4.  Tweed-Bog 3x12  Rock
 m2 10.06 rate it!
5.  Uberkab Stereo  Rock
 m2 10.06 rate it!

* Formats: m2 = mixIR2 format;  M = online mixIR;

Ok, you probably have some questions. Well we've got answers.

Can I try your products?

Yes! You can. Folks have been asking for a demo cab for a while now. So, in honor of our one year "birthday" we're releasing a free version of our celebrated Marshall 1960A with Celestion G12Ms. Of course, the paid version has a several more mics and some extra goodies, but this is the real deal, not some crippled demo. We really want you to hear what people are raving about.

Cabinet IRs!

And one more thing. Yeah, it may sound like a cheesy infomercial pitch, but we offer a money-back guarantee on our IRs. We think it's better than offering a crippled demo, primarily because one of the benefits of the our IR library, besides the quality, is the sheer number of choices you have to dial in the sound you want. A scaled back demo simply would not reflect that. So, if you buy one of our libraries and try them for 14 days and don't want to use them any more, then delete them and shoot us an email (the address is on the Support page) with your paypal receipt (we have to have that for record keeping purposes) and we will give you a full refund. We think once you try them you won't want to give them up.

Who are you guys?

At RedWirez, we're unabashed audio geeks and our life's mission besides watching old Farscape reruns and playing the "Live from Abbey Road Drinking Game" every third Friday (ok, maybe we're just plain geeks) is to bring our extensive collection of gear and our giant pulsating brains (we named them Paul and Ringo and keep them in a jar by the door), to bear on improving the recordings of home and project studios everywhere.

What do y'all do?

First stop on the road to affordable audio nirvana -- we've captured the essence of some classic speaker, cabinet, and mic combinations run through some legendary gear and made it available to you as an ever growing collection of high-quality impulse responses for use in your own recordings.

What's an impulse response?

"What's an impulse response?", you ask. Only your key to unleashing killer guitar tones at any volume. Finally, you can give the neighbors some other reason to call the cops.

For the technical among us, an impulse response (or "IR") realistically captures the characteristics, both in frequency and time, of an entire signal chain, including the sampled speaker, the microphone, the room it's in, the power amp, preamp -- even the A/D converters. Put another way, it'll capture the unique frequency curve of the speaker, any phase smearing inherent in the mechanical operation of the speaker, any cabinet resonance, the frequency response and resonance of the mic, the sound of the room, and any frequency or phase related coloration introduced by the power amp, preamp, and converters and apply that captured sound to any audio you pass through it... or so our even geekier friends tell us.

How do I use an impulse response?

Basically, you load one of our impulse responses into a convolution plugin like our mixIR2 or hardware device that can load IRs and route your guitar signal through it. The signal can come from your amp's preamp, the line out on your amp, a guitar DI box, or a dummy load box with a line out to safely get the direct signal from the power amp. And voila, out comes the sound of your guitar played through a well-mic'ed speaker cabinet, in an acoustically treated live room, run through a Neve 1073, a preamp expensive enough that your wife will probably divorce you if you buy one yourself -- and all without disturbing the neighbors. Will it sound exactly the same as the actual setup captured by the impulse response? Not completely. It'll be missing the non-linear stuff like distortion (many would agree this is a good thing), but it's really, REALLY close.

Check out our Tutorials section for a more detail on the topic of using our IRs.

Can I use them with [ Insert amp modeler here ]?
Yes. Just bypass the cabinet simulation and put a convolution plugin with one of our IRs in the effects chain right after the amp sim plugin, or on the input track in the case of hardware modelers (see the Tutorials section for details). Some sims, like Revalver allow you to load your own IRs. Using our IRs will give you a more varied sonic pallette to choose from when dialing in your unique tone and in the case of some well-known hardware units, it will give your sound a more realistic sense of space and lots more options.

Did your momma drop you on your head as a child?

Uh... no... well, just that once. Why do you ask?

Ok, I'm sold, whatcha got for me?

We've taken our efforts to compile the universe's most flexible and complete library of speaker impulses in two different directions, so we've created a couple collections to reflect that. Our Speakerbox series takes a minimalist approach to capturing the sound of some classic speaker/mic combinations, while the BIGBox series captures the tone shaping aspects of some legendary speaker cabinets. Check 'em out.

Thanks for your time and patronage.


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